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The Lay-offs are Coming! How to Deal with Dismissal or Termination in a Recession

By: Bryan Kravetz and Aaron Grinhaus Canada has experienced incredible economic growth over the last decade. That growth may now be coming to a slowdown, and if some of the major bank analysts and economists are right, Canada is heading...

Blockchain Year in Review: The Late, but not great, 2018

By Aaron Grinhaus As the sun sets on 2018, I hear echoes of what optimists have been saying about cryptocurrencies over the past several years, that they are to blockchain what email is to the internet: the first use case, but certainly not the only...

Cryptocurrency regulation in Canada: Hurry up and…wait.

By Aaron Grinhaus [This article originally appeared in the October issue of Payments and Fintech Lawyer (Vol. 12:10)] In Canada, as in other jurisdictions, the approach regulators are taking to the cryptocurrency environment has been highly criticized for being slow...

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