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What is “Decentralized Finance” and What are the Risks?

By: Aaron Grinhaus and Alex Di Giovanni Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to any financial activity, from applying for a loan to trading stocks, which is built using decentralized ledger technology. This is the same technology upon which Bitcoin and other...

Capital Gains Surplus Stripping: Is It Worth It?

By Aaron Grinhaus and Marisa Lau Over the last few years many professionals, including doctors, lawyers and small- to mid-sized business owners, have been taking advantage of a tax efficient way of withdrawing cash from their corporations called capital gains...

Buying a business? Don’t Sign Anything Before Reading This!

By Marisa Lau and Aaron Grinhaus Buying a business is a great way for an entrepreneur to hit the ground running by acquiring a going concern with existing clients, cash flow and infrastructure such as an office and employees. Buying...

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