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Canada-United States Cross-Border Business

Canada-US Cross Border Business

Many Canadian companies and individuals looking to invest in or immigrate to the US often contemplate whether it would be worthwhile for them to establish a corporation there.

The United States is Canada’s largest trading partner and thus a very appetizing market for Canadian businesses.

Reasons that clients are pursuing Canada-United States Cross-border business strategies:
  1. To facilitate further business with US companies,
  2. Establishing an international organization,
  3. For tendering: when negotiating contracts, larger retailers often want to see a US business number,
  4. For applications: some jurisdictions require an American address in order to apply for government programs or projects.

The team at Grinhaus Law Firm has expertise in cross-border business law and has worked with many Canadian clients in determining the best way to mitigate cross-border taxation, their Canadian tax and business liabilities.

Cross-border advisory provided by Grinhaus Law Firm includes:

  • the best state in which to incorporate;
  • organizing your US entity;
  • connecting you with US resources for administering your business;
  • applying for the requisite business and employee identification numbers;
  • applying for work permits for your employees; and
  • filing the mandatory annual corporate maintenance.

Call or email Grinhaus Law Firm to find out how we can guide you through the process of incorporating in the US the right way. As a boutique law firm located in midtown Toronto, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help you establish your presence in the US.

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