Estate planning is a much more difficult business than many wish to believe. The thought of planning for one’s own death, or the death of a loved one, is rarely relished. To deal accordingly with the unavoidable, a wills lawyer can be of great assistance, providing security, assurance, and relief to all involved.

Complications can arise in cases even when a will has been written and the estate owner believes all eventualities have been anticipated. In cases of complex family matters, issues may arise in the form of the contesting of a will. Especially in cases where there have been previous marriages that perhaps ended on the wrong foot, or where there are stepchildren and children from previous marriages involved, a seemingly straight-forward case of estate distribution can quickly become a tangled affair.

Other complications often arise when a will has indeed been written but is not as complete as the estate owner believes. When the estate owner passes away, under some circumstances, certain unaccounted-for sections of the estate may be more easily contested or given to someone other than the intended heir. Such a situation is referred to as “partial intestacy”.

wills lawyer can help you and your family avoid such a case by guiding you through the entire estate planning process, as well as conducting the estate administration (or “probate”). Writing the will can be more involved than what you may have heard, especially when the family situation is complicated, or when there are substantial assets involved.

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