If you are living or working in Burlington, ON or in the greater Toronto area and find yourself in need of law services, especially having to do with business, tax planning, and/or wills and estates, consider contacting Grinhaus Law Firm.

Aaron Grinhaus of Grinhaus Law Firm helps clients in the field of business and tax law, corporate/commercial law, and wills, trusts and estate planning. He focuses services and efforts on two main lines: personal estate planning, business law and tax structuring.

Personal estate planning includes law services such as wills, trusts, and probate services. Wills and trusts help to ensure an estate is passed on in the appropriate manner, exactly how the estate owner wishes his or her property to be distributed. Estate planning can also include incorporation, which is a useful tool to save money through reduced taxes and also to reduce liabilities, in many cases.

Business tax law is also related to incorporations, but also includes commercial agreements, tax structuring, purchase and sale of a business and professional medical corporations, partnership and shareholder agreements, among other things. Grinhaus Law Firm provides such law services for both mid-sized and small companies.

For information about how Grinhaus Law Firm can help you and/or your business in Burlington, ON and the greater Toronto area of Ontario, please contact us.