If your will consists of a receipt or piece of paper that you scribbled some information down onto, it may not be considered a legitimate will in court once you pass away. However, “Probate”, or “Estate Administration” in Ontario, is required to:

  • Inventory all the assets of your estate
  • Appoint an executor to distribute your assets in accordance with the wishes in your will
  • Transfer the legal ownership of property from the deceased to another person
  • Ensure any debts or taxes left behind are paid off in a timely manner

In addition to these actions, the ultimate goal of probate legal services is to protect the property and estate left behind by the deceased person.

The process of probate involves several different steps. First, the executor in the will or the administrator of the property as determined by the court must notify any beneficiaries of the probate proceedings. Then, an inventory of any possessions is made; a list of debts, taxes, and anything else the deceased person left behind is taken care of; and then the remaining assets are finally given to any heirs of the estate. Several court filings are required, and the estate tax must be calculated and paid.

Since every estate is different and personal situations vary, probate legal services may differ in the time the process takes to complete. If you need assistance with probate legal services in Toronto, Ontario, please contact us at Grinhaus Law Firm.